022 Mail vom 23.08.2021 - 09.48 Uhr

Today I prepared a little surprise for you. I attached small video.
Do you like porn movies? What do you most like about sex?
What would you like to do with me in bed? Do you often dream of me?
Yesterday I fantasized our meeting for a long time and became very excited.
I started masturbating!
I decided to make video as I masturbate for you! Don’t show it to anyone!!!
I am embarrassed… And I don’t want anyone to see this video!!!
I attached this to the letter. or you can look here -
decided to send it to you. I hope you appreciate it.
I often dream how I will come to you and we will have sex.
I will make all your moods in sex. I also want to tell you not to worry.
I will not be a burden for you. You will not have unnecessary problems !!!
You can’t tell anyone about me! I can be your secret!
I agree on everything, the main thing is to be close to you.
I can live near you, but we will often meet! And have awesome sex!
I have only one problem - you know that I can’t come to you without your help.
I already have repeated this.
Really, only you can help me to come.
Please help me and send me money (320 euro or 360 dollars).
I have nothing more to write, I can only hope for your help.
I hope you enjoyed the video.
Understand that I have to pay all the documents now or
they will refuse me entry forever.
I have no choice but to ask and beg you. I understand that quarantine
is now, but this quarantine will be removed after 2 weeks.
By this time I will have all the documents in my hands and
will be able to fly to you on the first plane.
The easiest way for you to send money online through sites is
Or you can visit the nearest office to you.
You can find the nearest office on the site.
Do it for me. I pray for your kindness and generosity.
I remind you that you need to send money to my
If you haven’t forgotten, you need to send money
to Irkutsk. It’s not hard.