021 Mail vom 20.08.2021 - 09.18 Uhr

Tell the truth! You are afraid of me?
Please don’t be afraid.
I will come secretly! No one will know about me!
Sometimes, I think that you don’t read my letters at all.
You do not want to understand me… I sent you a copy of the certificate.
I was tested for coronovirus! I’m not sick!
Did you get it?
I also sent you naked photos to prove that I am real.
Did you get it?
I wrote to you many times that I understand that all flights are canceled.
But it’s not a problem! The problem is that I have to pay for my citizenship
for your country now! Or they will refuse me.
Here is my plan - I pay for all documents and it will be ready in two weeks!
By then, all travel restrictions will be removed and I will fly to your arms
on the first flight! BUT, I SHOULD PAY NOW! The embassy is waiting for payment!
I need only 360 usa dollars to come to you. They will refuse me later!
And all my hope is only YOU! Only you can help me! I tried to find the money,
but could not. No one gave me money. Please trust me. I will not deceive you!
I know that now you have to sit at home! I have already written several
times to you that you can send money on-line! You can do it from home!
All banks work with WorldRemit, WU, MoneyGram and RIA.
They work and accept all payments.
Just do it! And in 2 weeks we will be together!
I already wrote to you:
My full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
My address: 666014, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Podkamennaya, Nagornaya street 9.
My phone: +79067032263
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit or RIA to my name in Russia.