019 Mail vom 18.08.2021 - 11.30 Uhr

Today I walked alone in the forest for a long time.
I was very lonely, so I thought a lot about you. About your life there.
What are you doing there? Where are you? How do you spend your weekend?
From these thoughts I felt sad, because I want to be with you.
We could have fun together. But while we can not do that.
But I continue to believe… I believe in you and I believe that you
can help me leave here.
Because I have no choice but to believe…
You are my last hope!!! Don’t deceive my hope!!! Give me hope!!!
Please do everything to save me. Please give me money for the trip.
I am sure that you often ask yourself the question - why so many women
want to leave Russia.
It’s very simple - here is a very bad life. It is very difficult to
live when men do not respect women.
When the state deceives you. It is very difficult to become someone here.
But there is another side. I am very ashamed of it.
And it is very difficult to talk about it.
Many russian women use men to get money.
Believe me, I AM NOT SUCH! I sincerely want to come. And I will come!
I’m not the person who will take the time to steal your money.
For me, chance to leave Russia is much more important!!!
These $360 are nothing compared to having a new life.
I will never trade a man for money!!!
But unfortunately, I feel your disbelief.
I do not know how to prove to you my sincerity.
At night, I pray…. I write letters in the hope …
I hope you will believe and help the little defenseless girl.
I believe in you.
Your Vita.