015 Mail vom 11.08.2021 - 18.53 Uhr

Hubertus! I will not write a big letter today.
I am very upset and offended! I want to cry.
Why have you not yet helped me? Why did you not
send money?
Did you not like my naked photos and sexy dream?
Tell me the truth! Do you want to meet me?
If yes, why don you not send me money?
Is it a game for you?
320 euros is not big amount, so that we can meet.
Several times I argued that I’m real,
so I don’t understand why you haven’t sent me money.
Today I will know 100% whether you want me or not.
Because today I send you my completely naked photos.
If you ask for more photos or refuse to help me,
I understand that you are playing with me.
When you read all my past letters, you will see that
I need 30000 rubles (this is 320 euros or $360).
Send me this money.
I already wrote you how to send money -
You must send this to city of Irkutsk, Russia.
In my name - VITA YURCHENKO.
You must send money via WorldRemit, Moneygram, RIA or WU. Choose any.
More information you get on their sites -
contact-sys.com, riamoneytransfer.com, moneygram.com, westernunion.com.
I don’t need more money. I will not ask you.
I promise you. I need only 320 euros or $360.
I already wrote to you that my all trip will cost me 1320 euros.
These are all documents: certificates, ticket and much more.
I already paid 1000 euros. And now I have to pay 320 euros or $360.
I hope you enjoy my naked photo.
I am waiting for positive news from you.
With love, your Vita.