011 Mail vom 06.08.2021 - 06.50 Uhr

Hubertus, I hurt a lot. Why did you not believe me and
send money? There are tears in my eyes. I feel bad. I am
ashamed of having to ask you for money. This is a humiliation
for me. It is difficult to realize my helplessness, and your
distrust of me. I feel like beggar who stands on edge of road
and asks for alms. Believe me, this is very painful.
I think you have never experienced such pain.
If you knew what it is, you would surely help me and send money.
I understand that it is difficult to trust me after many Russian
women have deceived men! But understand! I am different from them.
I will really come to you! I promise you!
And most importantly - I don’t ask to give me money as gift!
I ask to borrow! I will give you all your money back!
Understand, please, i already paid for most of cost my trip.
Now I need only 30000 russian rubles (this is 320 euros or $360).
I don’t think that this is too large sum. I didn’t expect everything
to happen so quickly. It remains so little before I come and
realize all our dreams. I very often present our first meeting.
I think it will be very romantic and erotic.
Do you think this is erotic?
I made for you some erotic photos.
I understand that men love to look at naked body.
But please don’t ask for naked photos.
Because I work in school and I am write my letters from school library.
If someone sees my naked photos here, I will have problems with
the police. And I can’t come to you. You will look at my naked when
I come. Good?
I take great risks when I send you erotic photos. But I like to
think that you are looking at my beautiful body.
So you can dream of our first sex. Do you want to know my favorite
sex position? And my sexual fantasies? I’m upstairs!
You caress my breasts. I feel your dick in my vagina.
I look into your eyes and see how you like it !!!
I will definitely do this when I arrive. I promise!!!
But first you must help me. And send 320 euros or 360 dollars.
Or my dream will never come true, and we will be not able
to have sex when we want.
Today I was in banks. But they refused me again.
They will not give me loan, because I’m leaving Russia.
But I learned how you can help me and send money.
The most popular payment systems around the world are
Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram and RIA.
I found all information about payment systems.
Send money is not difficult.

  • Choose any of the 4 systems.
  • Find nearest office at: westernunion.com, contact-sys.com/en,
    riamoneytransfer.com, moneygram.com
  • You send money to Russia, the city of Irkutsk,
    in my full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
    If you ask my home address, I already wrote to
    you - Nagornaya street 9, Podkamennaya, Irkutsk Oblast, 666014, Russia.
    It doesn’t take much of your time.
    Also, the site says that you can use your credit card and send me
    money without leaving home. I think it is very convenient.
    I hope, now you will choose most convenient payment system for you
    and send me money.
    Please do it quickly so that I can pay all my documents and come
    to you as soon as possible.
    I will wait for your reply. I hope you enjoy my photos.
    Please don’t disappoint me and help me.