006 Mail vom 29.07.2021 - 05.46 Uhr

I once again want to say that I’m very sorry that we can’t
speak onlain. I don’t have any social pages. I dream to talk
to you on Skype, or write short messages. And all I can do
is send you an email. I hope you understand that these are
the rules for using computers at school.
I want to confess to you that you are not the first man from
another country to whom I write letters. Before you, I had
contact with 2 two men on the Internet. But now I don’t have
communication with them. I write letters only to you!!!
For me the color of the skin, the nationality or the age
of the person is not important. I like people! I can communicate
with any people equally well.
The last man with whom I corresponded lived in Cuba.
We stopped communicating with him because he persuaded me to
move from Russia to Cuba. But I don’t want to move to a communist
country. The other man was from Nigeria. But he stopped writing.
I think he was not real. I heard that there are so many scams on
the Internet. Have you ever had experience with a scammer?
I want you to trust me. I will never deceive you!!!
Today I will send you a photo and you will understand that I am real.
I wrote my name and date on a piece of paper.
Just promise not to show this photo to anyone !!!
PROMISE! Because it is too intimate photo.
I made photo for you in my underwear, because it was very hot at home.
Hope you enjoyed it? And now you will trust me.
I also want to make a short video for you. I will try to send it in
the next letter. I hope I can make it. I can only send a small video
because school internet is limited. But I think you will like it.
Do you want to see my short video?
I already said that I work as cook at school.
Although I have a small salary,
I already have savings for the trip. I don’t want to get a simple
tourist visa, I want get a residence permit in your country.
This will allow me to live and work in your country.
And after a while, get citizenship. I really want to work.
I don’t want to be financially dependent on someone.
I forgot to write to you that in the one last letter I sent you
a photo from Lake Baikal. You know that I live in Irkutsk region and
if you look at the map, you will see that Baikal is the deepest lake
in the world. This is a very beautiful place. I attached photo from
there. Do you like? Tell me more about your beautiful places. Where
do you like to rest? Where do you like to spend time with your friends?
Where would you like to go in future?