011 Mail vom 08.11.2021 - 10.54 Uhr

Hello Reiner Have a nice sunny Monday morning
I have sunny news for you.
You can go crazy with news like this.
But to get crazy I write figuratively.
No need to go crazy.
Yesterday I bought a ticket at your airport.
And now I can fly to your airport on .
And on Wednesday, 10. November of this year, our eyes meet for the first time.
The truth is is that great the news?
I’ll be by your side for 21 days.
And I have to go home in 21 nights.
I’ve already bought a return ticket and I’m flying home on 01. December.

Now I will tell you how I will get to you.
The news is that there is no international airport in my city of Zhigulyovsk.
And I took a taxi early this morning
to go the nearest airport Kuromoch in the city of Samara.
I couldn’t find and purchase a direct flight to your airport.
And the only possible flight to you was via Moscow.
Because now all flights fly only through Moscow.
That’s why I’m flying to you through Moscow.
First, I have already arrived today in Moscow Airport, then I’ll fly to your airport.
Today in Monday, 8. November, I’m leaving from Kurumoch International Airport KUF
And from this airport I have already fly to Moscow airport.
I even have flight details from Kuromoch to Moscow.

Kurumoch, KUF→ Moscow, SVO
The airline - Aeroflot
Airplane: Airbus A321
Departure Monday, 8. November, 2021, 06:00 (local time)
Landing Monday, 8. November 2021, 07:00 (local time)
Flight SU-1217
Tour duration 1h 45m

Transplant in Moscow

I couldn’t buy a direct flight because it wasn’t there.
I could only buy a flight with a transfer.
And then, on 10. November, I’ll fly to you from Moscow.
It was the cheapest - Flight with transfers.

I am collecting a small amount of money
But I’m donating the last of my saved money to our meeting.
I recently wanted to buy outerwear.
I wanted to buy but didn’t buy.
That’s because I spent my savings flying to you 10. November.

Early this morning when I woke up
I immediately went and took a shower with gel, and then
when i get out of the shower i put on a robe
and I’m shooting a small video clip for you,
where you will see that I am ready to travel to you.
Early this morning when I was going to leave the house and go to the nearest airport Kurumoch
I was wearing this robe at home, and I took this robe with me and put it in my suitcase so that I could dress in the same way at your home.
And I attach to this a letter, my photo and video with my robe, which I will wear at your home.

The size of my video turned out to be too big.
And my email mail refuses to send too big video.
And I had to attach them to a special site.
You can see my videos when you watch them on a dedicated file sharing website.
You can see me when you open here: http://file.sampo.ru/sfkdt9/
I am drawn to you and I want to meet you on my vacation to take a walk with you outdoors and just be together.

And I want your eyes to be wide open when you look at my attached photo.
These photo are for your eyes only.
I am not ashamed to show myself to you. Because I really like it.
And I want you to see from my smile that I am very happy that you are looking at me.
And very soon we will meet with you and make a joint photo session out of photos.
Where we will dress, what we like and how we want.

I also give you permission to print my photo and hang it on the wall or frame it.
Please send me a photo of which photo you have printed and framed,
I want to see with my own eyes, a photo frame with my photo on your wall or your table.
It will be a sign that you are waiting for me
and you look at me every day.

I think if I come to you, we can do a photo session with you and print out our photos together
So that you will remember for a long time
Long memories of our wonderful evenings together.

Be patient, we’ll see you soon
Together with this letter I am sending you my sweet kiss.
And as soon as you open and read this letter, you will feel it on your lips.
Your Nataliya