010 Mail vom 07.11.2021 - 08.10 Uhr

Hello Reiner have a nice sunny Sunday.
What a wonderful mood I am today!
It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to fly to you.
Because I have 3 weeks free weekend.
I want to fly to you
get to know you face to face.
It’s good that I’m on vacation and ready to fly to you Reiner.

I am sure when we are together we will never be bored.
Together we can go for a walk outside in the nearest forest park or watch an interesting film at your home.
We can also go to a photo studio and arrange a nice photo session for both of us. This is for memory. What do you think?
And so that it doesn’t get boring, but on the contrary to receive emotions from each other, can we rent an quad bike (ATV) from you?
You and I, together, put on a special equipment for riding an quad bike (ATV), so that we could get dirty in the mud and we can take a picture together.
Great idea. Yes?
Do you have a go-kart or quad bike nearby?
What can you ride on and take funny photos?

I’ve never driven a kart before but I would love to experience it.

I’m in such a wonderful mood today
and I have decided to record a new video clip for you in which you will see my mood a few minutes ago.
I will send you a video of me.

How I dance to the music that lifts my spirits

Sending a video clip in an email turned out to be a problem for me.
I have attached video to a special video sharing site.
You can see my video here: http://file.sampo.ru/4sfk4w/

Today I’m going to do what every woman does
I will shave myself completely so that you can see how I was preparing to meet you Reiner.
And as soon as I come to you, you will see the number one readiness to meet you
I will have everything is clean and smooth.
And can we arrange a photo shoot with you in your underwear?
Do you want?
I have a photo from that day. I’ll send it to you.

I would like to tell you again about my trip to you.
I’ll fly to you on a plane on 10. November.
Today at lunch, I’ll go to the ticket office and buy a ticket for your airport.
I have to clarify again.
Write to me again. The exact name of the airport where you will meet me.

The best thing is when you write me the code (ICAO airport code) of the airport closest to you.
https: // en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICAO_airport_code

Write me your NAME and SURNAME:
and your address, your city, house number, zip code.
What is your home address?

Give me more details about your personal home address.
if you can’t meet me at the airport.
Which address do I have to give the taxi then?
What would the taxi driver would take me to your home.
I look forward to seeing you again on 10. November.
I wait that you don’t mind meeting me
at your home?

I think we can have a very friendly time together
I want to come to you so that you and I are good together
We can walk a lot before bed
And during the day we can go when it’s warm outside
I will put on a dress and jacket, then
take each other’s arm and walk through the park, that’s what i want with you
In other words, we can have a lot of fun together.
I know you are very sexually hungry and so am I.
I think that sexual hunger can also be eaten away together
It will be like taking a sip of fresh water.
maybe it’s too crazy an idea, but I like to do this, I want you
I think this is a great idea.

I really want to go out on the street with you when I come to you
and walk down the street together. Do you want?
In the evening when it gets dark
we together go for a walk down the street and it will be very warm
what would you like to see from clothes
I can put a few dresses with me in my suitcase for an evening walk
What dress do you prefer to see on me wearing?
And Today I am sending you photo of me
Where can you see my dresses that I plan to put in my suitcase with me.
What to wear when I’m next to you.

How do you walk in warm weather?
What do you wear when it’s warm outside?
Let me guess.
Are you just like me
Do you wear shorts without panties and a pants with no underwear?
Did i guess?

I also want to ask you to print my photo and hang it on the wall or in a frame.
So that when you look at me and my photo on your table warm your heart!
And I want you to send me a photo report, how you printed me
and which photo frame did you choose for my photo.
Send me a photo so that I can see that you have printed my photo and my photo is framed on your table.
Do you think we can go for a walk without underwear?
Do I wear a dress without underwear?

Last and most of all! Once again!!
Write me the name of your airport!
Today at lunch, I’ll buy a ticket to your airport.
Just write me your - ICAO airport code
So write me everything correctly without any mistakes.
Kisses and hugs. See you soon
Your Nataliya