009 Mail vom 06.11.2021 - 11.58 Uhr

Hello my Dear man Reiner and a good start to the day
In almost every letter, I show you a part of myself and my life,
I am very worried about last’s letter, as there was too much nudity from my letter,
but I hope you will forgive me for sharing my intimate part of my life with you too often.
In fact, my intimate life begins and ends, only on self-satisfaction
since I am a single woman and I do not have a second half so that he could satisfy me.
Again, forgive me that in three sentences, I write only about intimate.
This is because I have a lot of unexploded energy. Which is ready to explode at any moment.
I hope you don’t mind that I’m too open for you?

I would be ashamed not to show you my hobby.
I think everyone has their own weaknesses .
And my weakness is that I am a lingerie collector and swimwear.
Therefore, today I want to show you my hobby, where you can see with your own eyes
what is my hobby and my hobby you will see on my video for you.

I love to wear nice underwear and swimwear.
Someone collects stamps, someone collects stickers.
Someone collects pens, pencils, buttons, cacti, paintings, calendars, key rings, watches, coins and everything else that has enough imagination.
And I only collect underwear and swimwear.
Each person has their own hobby 1.
And I have this hobby in the video today.
Today I want to show you in a video how many swimwear I have.
I’m shooting videos for you in which I go in that swimwear.
You can see my video clips if you open here:
See my video at http://file.sampo.ru/d5twd2/

Can you make a video for me Also where you blow me a kiss?
So I will know that you are a real man and you are the one writing to me and I will see that you are alive and real?
Can you do this too?

Nobody gave me a rose for a long time.
And I haven’t felt like a desirable woman for a long time
and balance that feeling
Today I had to go to the nearest flower stand
and buy me 1 rose
Maybe that’s stupid
But I wanted so badly that I had this flower
I work hard and I don’t have time for joy
At least I’ll boost my self-esteem a little.

It’s autumn now and it’s not the right time for swimming
but there are indoor pools or aqua park and you probably have a indoor pools nearby,
where we could be together, you and me?
I’ll take a swimsuit with me in my suitcase
so that we can go together to the nearest indoor pools,
that would be there to lie on a sun lounger and even swim if we want it.
Do you have swim shorts?

Please open the attached photos. today I want to show you more photos.
I’ll make a small collection of photos for you so they can warm you up as you look at them!
I think if you look at my photos, do you get goosebumps?
These photos show how I was getting ready this morning.

What’s new happened to you that day?
Did you look at the sun today? Does the sun shine bright and high?
I also have the sun high and shining brightly.
And I think with that joyful thought. I want to tell you the good news!
I want you to be as happy as me!
I have a big event in my life.
I am tired of working every day. And I really want a weekend.
At work I get a vacation and can fly to you.
I’m on vacation for 3 weeks
and on this vacation i want to spend to meet you
and get to know you personally.
And on my vacation I come to you Reiner.

My vacation starts on Monday, 8. November.
I will come to you on 10. November in the passenger plane.
I’ll be flying from my nearby airport
to your airport to meet you.

I really want to be with you!
I will fly to your country, to your airport, on 10. November.
Schedule in numbers 10.11.2021 - 01.12.2021
And on 01. December I’m flying back to the Russian Federation!

Only you Reiner and I am Nataliya.
We’ll be together for 21 nights!
I want to spend my vacation to meet you and get to know you, personally!
What do you think about this???
I kiss you Reiner.
Yours Nataliya