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Hello my horny man Reiner and a good start to the day
I see that you like it when I show you my photo and video.
you probably would like to see my most open photos? I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.
I love what I do, but the woman must have a secret.
And I’ll leave this mystery as it is. I cannot send you candid photos of myself.

Thank you very much for your lines and those sent along
kind words in your letter, which I like very much
I represent you in real life and if I’m not mistaken
You are a very beautiful and attractive man, I have to put it that way.
I would like to answer your questions first.
I hope and really want to believe that you would never dare hit or insult a woman. Because I think so. Only cowards and broken guys do that.
And have you never hit a woman or anything like that ???
something like that only shows insecurity and weakness towards women.
Unfortunately, this happens far too often in our society and is often not noticed, which I find very sad.

I like cooking-baking-grilling, humor, getting to know nice people, various card, board and dice games, hiking in nature, laughing very much, reading literature, sitting by the bonfire, eating by candlelight, listening to music and concerts, summer, sunflowers , Friendships, cinema or DVD evenings, art + culture, history, making compliments, togetherness with a man, picnic outdoors, taking photos (nature, old walls, people, etc.), kisses, giving small gifts, eroticism, cycling, Naturalness, sunshine, going for a swim (sometimes naked), writing and answering letters, theater /cabaret.

What I don’t like is violence against women /children and old people, egoism, greed, wrong friends, lack of humor, prejudice, unanswered letters, bad mood.

What do I like in terms of togetherness /love and sexuality: I like intimate kisses on all parts of the body, cuddling, showering together, shaving, massaging each other with body oil, lingerie,

any form of sex that women and men like, trust (for example mutual intimate shaving), lying naked in bed or on the couch and looking at each other.

So, I hope my frank words didn’t embarrass you or even annoy you ???
Probably after everything I’ve said
You will feel where you want something more from me
That feeling of excitement and you want to see me naked?
I don’t take shameful nude photos. This is taboo!

The very idea of ​​being photographed naked without a coward is not very safe.
The photo can be stolen from the camera or you can simply lose the camera on the bus or on the street
and then I am shamelessly humiliated and insulted forever.
When the photo leaks on the internet and my career is shamefully destroyed.
It’s a shame to be naked on the internet, I don’t even want to imagine it. Horror!

Do you believe in horoscopes??? Do you have something that, for example, you follow the horoscope every day?

I believe in a horoscope! And every morning I wait for my horoscope. And I hear him on the radio.
After listening to my horoscope. I immediately imagine what to expect that day.
When do you hear your horoscope, do you think that that day you are waiting for you?
Tell me. What about the horoscope in your life?

I wanted to ask you. When is your birthday? and who are you on the zodiac sign?
My birthday is 13. November. And I am from the zodiac sign Scorpion.

Did you know that the Scorpion zodiac sign is the calmest and friendliest? Do you know a lot about this zodiac sign?
Everyone should be calm and not harm anyone.
Is it like that in your eyes?
I actually believe in zodiac signs. And I believe that the Scorpion zodiac sign is the friendliest, quietest and most harmless for everyone.

I’ve read that my zodiac sign Scorpion has the greatest compatibility. When you live together as a family.
And that my zodiac sign will be very lucky. So I’m waiting for this happiness!

What a birthday party without balloons?
And what’s a birthday without flowers?
Last year, on 13. November 2020, it was also my birthday.
There were no balloons for my birthday
there were only flowers that parents of children whom I help to do homework give me.

And today I’ll send you a photos of me
where you’ll see how many flowers I’ve had
I would like to ask you. Do you like it when you give birthday presents? Balloons?

Today I will send you a video in which I want to please your eyes
First video. I’ll send you a video from last year,
how I dress when I’m at home. And yes! When I am at home I wear my favorite robe.
And the second video. This day I went to a clothing store and shot a funny video
and at the end of the video clip I will blow you a kiss.
open and watch my videos here: http://file.sampo.ru/k5v7v4/

In the first video I am celebrating my birthday alone. It was that year.
The first video you see how I woke up early in the morning and shoot a video of myself in a bathrobe.
I just wanted to look at myself from the outside, whether I look simpatish (look pretty) and if there is even a smidgen of sexuality in me.
I shoot such a video to feel at least a bit necessary, needed, desired.
This is how I celebrate my birthday that year.
I didn’t even have a person next to me who could take a photo of me on a pleasure boat,
and that’s why I take a selfie video of myself, with my own hands. To capture that day for a long time.
And remember that I celebrate my birthday alone that year.

So, my dear Reiner, I hope you don’t hold my openness against me or think anything else of me, but I am for honesty and respect.
I wish you a nice day. I send you a big kiss
Kind regards I am Nataliya

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