006 Mail vom 03.12.2021 - 09.07 Uhr

Hello Reiner, I wish you a nice sunny Wednesday morning.
How are you there
on the other end of the wire?
I am so glad that I can see what you wrote again
and I am glad that I can answer you again.
Today’s day started a long time ago and I would like to know what you did first this morning.

Personally, I woke up early this morning
then I undressed and took a shower
I washed myself there with gel and shampoo
and then I make myself a coffee with milk
and then I get dressed and go to work.
So my morning flew by. very fast

You already know that I am a Russian teacher
And I have kids who need grammar and spelling.
I didn’t choose this profession by chance.
I’ve always liked doing good to people
That’s why I decided to work on this job
Where I’ll be useful with something.
I already told you I wrote a statement and left school
and now i’m working for myself
Parents of children find me through the newspaper
and so i have children who need to be taught the russian language and
and Russian grammar.
But I also have a job that I have to go to.
I go to the knowledge center for local development.
Parents bring their children there every day and leave them after school
and my job is that i help to do homework with children.
In other words, in this knowledge center, I help children who came after school to do their homework.
That’s where I get my salary, too, but it’s not that much money.
Most likely this is additional income on top of what I can have.
This is an office space that kids come to after school.
and that while the children’s parents are still working.
Children are with me. Under my supervision.
Perhaps you also have such knowledge centers ???
This is referred to here as - extended day.

Impressive! But now you know where and how I make a living.
I have to work 2 jobs.
This is the only way I will have enough money to buy everything I need.
Every month I pay utility bills for the apartment, gas, heating, electricity.
And that’s why I have to work two jobs

Write to me about your day like this
It will be easier for me to imagine your day
and how your life works
After all, you probably have 2 jobs too
and all the same utility bills you need.

I would like to say a few more sentences to you.
I have a rare color of eyes. Because my eyes are green.
You already know that I am 33 years old.
I live in the Russian Federation in the city of Zhigulyovsk. I was born in this city.
I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and don’t have time to drink alcohol. And I don’t have time to smoke!

I am alone, have never had a family and am looking forward to a serious relationship for living together.
I have no kids. I wasn’t divorced. I do not know what that is.

I am looking for a man to live with.
What about waking up together in the morning?
and enjoy life together.

Tell me, have you ever dreamed of waking up with a girl?
Not an easy girl.
Quite the opposite with your beloved wife.
Who loves you and never betrays you? Did you dream about
I always dream of a man who will love me and never betray me.
I want a man who won’t trade me for another woman.
In fact, thinking about these thoughts makes me sick.

I often feel sad and lonely because I’m still alone and not in a serious relationship.
Everything I like in life.
This is my job as a tutor.

That I would be inspired by the new day. I often listen to fun music.
Sometimes I listen to music and even dance.
Music gives me inspiration and a good mood for the whole day.
And do you sometimes feel that listening to music increases your mood?

I want to tell you something else.
It often seems to me that I will never meet and find my soulmate.
It is the soul mate I want to fully understand.
And it is precisely because of these thoughts that I am so afraid.
Please if you can reassure me.
Maybe that’s what you think about yourself too?

Lately, thoughts often haunt me when I smile
that no one sees my smile.
But to be honest.
I want to smile a lot and I dream of loving my man.
If I ever have a husband!
Then I will give him all my love and affection
But now I am alone and I have no husband !!

I only have my salary. I buy everything I can for a salary.
I have no additional source of income.
I can only buy everything I need for my salary.
I do not need much
For example: buy groceries for every day.
Buy clothing. And some household items
This is how i live!

Today I want to show you a piece of myself.
For this I will send you a video of me in which you will see me alive
and thanks to my video you can introduce yourself to me in real life
Here is my video http://file.sampo.ru/2s8q8j/
Imagine if I were by your side now
What would you tell me first

I would like to say a few words about being on the video when you watch it.
First Hilarious clip and blow a kiss on your cheek
Here is what I miss so much from you at the moment,
can you send me the exact same air kiss as in my video?
You find my blown kiss on video at number 1.

Here’s a look at how I spend my free time,
and of course I’m wasting it alone,
because there is not even a person next to whom I could play cards,
I just have to do it alone
and I sit and look at the playing cards,
they are very beautiful and I can also imagine how I could be with you
sit with you and play these cards with you Reiner.

The third video contains Another blow kiss.
I just want you to have the most
nice feelings about me, maybe it will even warm your heart today,
it all depends on how warm you treat me,
and I would like to ask you Reiner
Does it really warm you when you see me on video?
How do you feel when you look at me?

Tell me about your work.
What are you doing to make money?
Maybe an interesting case at work?
Where do you work and what do you do?
What other languages ​​do you know?
I can speak and write English.

I want to start a conversation with you Reiner,
where we get to know each other better.
What is the name of the city you live in?
Tell me more about you?
and tell me what you do every day
and send me more photos of you with your reply email.

In my photos today I want to show my life,
where in my photos you can see me alone.
I am writing my letter today on 3. November 2021.
I look forward to hearing from you
Hug and kiss you Reiner.your Nataliya from Zhigulyovsk