005 Mail vom 01.11.2021 - 12.30 Uhr

Hello Reiner and with the beginning of a sunny morning,
What a great mood I have this Monday morning.
I want to wish you a good morning too
and may your whole day be filled with good events.
And I want you with my letter
wish you a sunny mood for the whole day
May after you open and read my letter
You will be in a good mood all day long.
I want to give you a sunny mood with all my heart and with all my heart
I am sending you a sunny mood and my smile through the letter.

And so that your morning is happy and sunny.
Check out my video, after watching the video, you will have a pleasant mood.
In this video clip you can see me
and then you can smile a lot,
because to raise your spirits for the whole day there is my dance
but maybe he warms you best now
I just want to give you a Sunny Morning.
My video file is here: http://file.sampo.ru/kgtnqz/
I’m taking a pictures this morning.
Photo titled (Sunny Morning .jpg)
If you were around everything would be different
We could feel touch and get goose bumps from each other
We are adults with you and I am not shy because I know that you can send me your video or photo kiss airy?
Bye for now. Best regards Nataliya