004 Mail vom 30.10.2021 - 10.21 Uhr

Hello Reiner
Imagine I thought that today is Sunday, and today it turned out to be only Saturday
I mixed up the days of the week, This is all due to increased fatigue at work.
Today is Saturday and this morning I woke up very early
Because I had an interesting dream in which I saw you
apparently last night I thought about you and represent you in real life
And that night I had a dream in which I saw you next to me.
We had a romantic evening at the table. But some loud bang on the street and I woke up abruptly
and could not watch my dream to the end. And when I tried to sleep again, I no longer saw this dream.
It was so sad to me because of this.

Since I started talking to you about how I live.
I want to tell you about myself and how you would get to know me better
About how I live and who I am in my life.
I have a garden. And the garden is my hobby!
Last summer I was in the garden because I had nothing to do
But so far I do not have a family and a husband.
I will have something to do with a garden or just walk alone through the forest park in search of a partner
I’m just bored of living alone and I have to come up with activities
so as not to sit at home alone.

In the summer when it’s warm. I really like to come to my garden and walk in short shorts.
For example, I can put on a swimsuit and be in my garden only in a swimsuit.
I have many trees in my garden where I can easily be hidden from prying eyes.
And when I walk in a swimsuit, no one sees me.
In the summer when the sun is high, I love to sunbathe under the sun.
I spread my blanket on the grass and lay down on the blanket and rub myself with tanning oil.
Maybe it will seem to you that I am too liberated
that I walk in one swimsuit in my garden
But I will tell you this. I like it and no one dares to judge me
is that I am walking in my own garden in a swimsuit.
I like it like that. It may sound strange to you, but I’m so comfortable.

Now I want to ask you. Do you also like to walk in swimming trunks or even naked?
For example in your garden?
Or on the beach in summer?
Do you take off your clothes when you want?
Do you like walking at home naked without panties?
Do you have any photo or video proof that you enjoy taking off your clothes on the street?

Today I wanted to show you and open my world to you
and I hope I did at least a little
What would you see and feel, how I live and who I am?
I just want you to see a piece of my life.
I want to send you a video with me, where you can see with your own eyes
how do i look when i am in my garden in summer
And I am not afraid to show myself to you, because I know that only your eyes will see me.
The video file was too large and I could not send it to you in an email
and I uploaded my videos to the site
you need to open the video here: http://file.sampo.ru/52n3nv/

Here is some description of what is shown in my videos.
which I am sending you today.
The first video (1) shows you how do i like to dress when i going to the garden past summer,
thin clothes so that it is not hot.
In the second video (2) , your eyes can see how I like
I llike the way the wind blows over my body summer.
And the fact that I’m in short shorts because it’s hot.
but I’m in these shorts without my panties
a little ashamed to be on the street without panties
but I’m going in my garden and I can walk as I like,
When I arrive at the garden, I will undress
no one will see if he does not look behind the trees of my garden.

And I’ll also attach a few photos for you
Where will you see me dressed in my garden in summer.
Be honest with me and maybe we can do something with you.
I’m 200 percent open to you and today I’m going to show you more than you probably expected me to
So you are open to me and honest with me?

And I also expect you to have an open conversation about what you like in your life?
And what do you dislike about your life?
and what do you like to do when you are alone and what are your fantasies when you are alone?
If you were here now we could have these fantasies together.
But we don’t know each other well enough yet.
So we have to get to know each other better
Tell me something interesting in your next letter.
I will wait what you write to me and what you say about me.
We are adults and you can say what you think of me.
Don’t forget to show me your photos and videos.
I also want to look at your life and find out who you are in your life.
I will wait for your answer.
Kind regards, Nataliya