003 Mail vom 28.10.2021 - 13.26 Uhr

Hello Reiner and I wish you Sunny day on this day of Thursday.
Thank you for your reaction and your answer.
Now it is easier for us to get to know each other and communicate.
I will also be interested to know you and how you live in your city.
I will probably have to tell you a few sentences about myself to start a dialogue
Then you would know me better.

I will warn you right away if it seems to you somewhere that I was rude in my words,
for earlier please forgive me. I will just express my thoughts and emotions.
This is how I most honestly describe what I think.
and so you will feel me best from the inside.
Sorry for the earlier, for the straightforwardness and somewhere it can be rude or even too defiant!

I am a simple girl from Russian Federation.
The city where I was born and raised is called Zhigulyovsk city.
If you have a desire to see my city
I am sending you a link where you can see my city.
https: // en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhigulyovsk
Perhaps you have an online camera of your city and the streets you walk on
Send me the link Google Maps, wikipedia and I will be happy to see your city and your streets.
I also send you a video with me as I walk along the embankment of my city.

I am a woman who knows what I wants and what doesn’t want.
I want to meet a man with whom I could live in fidelity and prosperity.
First of all, I want my partner to respect me and appreciate me and take care of me.
I want my partner not to go to the left and look at other women.
I like in a man that he is loyal, shows me respect,
shows me how loving she is, shows me how open you are to me.
I don’t like an unfaithful man.

Exactly the same. oppositely. same applies to you.
Could you live with an unfaithful wife?
You would probably also not want to live with a woman who walks to the left?
and distributes itself as from right to left to any man.
This is what I call infidelity.
It is very difficult to find a partner who would agree to be faithful and honest with their partner.
Personally, I am ready for such a relationship, not to walk and respect my man.

And you? Are you ready to live in faithfulness?
Or are you more interested in freedom? rather than a stable, faithful woman next to you?
What would you choose? Free life and poke your penis to all anyone?
Or do you choose a stable relationship with one partner, but at the same time do not walk left to right?

What about my job? I will tell you now.
I go to work every day. I have my favorite job.
I work as a teacher of the Russian language.
This is a very necessary profession for children to study.
But I am a tutor. I help children to learn the Russian language
Grammar and spelling of words.

I taught in school. But I quit a long time ago.
Since they paid very little wages.
I went to HR department and volunteered to write a statement.
And now I work for myself.
The children’s parents find me through advertising in the newspaper.
This is how I find new students who have to learn all the rules
and teach how to write correctly in Russian.
In other words, I am a Russian language teacher.

I am often asked a question. Why did I choose this job?
That’s all because I like to do good to people and make the world a little friendlier.

Today I want to send you a live video of myself.
I am very shy and I no longer know what to shoot on video.
Let my little video on you be the whole universe to you.
However, my email refuses to attach a video to the letter
and I had to upload the video to a special site for the exchange of the video
Now open my videos here: http://file.sampo.ru/7237z8/
Could you open and see a video titled - Launching soap bubbles on the embankment?
I hope you had a big smile

Maybe it’s not difficult for you to shoot a video clip for me?
And you send me your video in your new letter
by sending me a kiss or waving your hand
It depends on you.
When I see you on the video I get goose bumps from you.
I will represent you in real life.

I have 2 photos for you.
And I want to attach them to this letter.
I want you to see me and represent me in real life.
I really want to have you, from looking at photos, got a lot of positive vibes.
I also want to get a good-positive mood from you.
Please feel free to send me your freshest photo.

I want to tell you. What I want you to print my photos and put them in your frame.
And then you watched her for a long time

if you have certain questions just ask and i will try to answer you honestly.
I want to tell you that I find you very interesting and get to know you more.
You look very mature for your years. Why haven’t you found a wife yet!?
If I had you by my side, I would do anything to keep you with me.

I’m going to look at your letter tonight. So write to me
I will be surprised by your next letter.
Nataliya + Reiner = friendship
Greetings and a tender kiss.
I wish you a wonderful day.
Best regards Nataliya