002 Mail vom 27.10.2021 - 13.28 Uhr

Hello Reiner
Thanks a lot for your message, and thanks for your reaction to me
Now I will try to write a few sentences
I will assume that this is a test letter to check if you have received my letter in your correct folder in your mailbox.
I ask you to write to me here at my personal address.
Here we can now communicate and learn more each other.

Sorry that my reply came to you with a delay.
I just couldn’t answer you right away because my computer wasn’t working
And just today a computer repair man came and changed Window prog and I can answer you again.

Thank goodness my computer is restored and I’m back online.
Today is Wednesday and it is 27. October. Now my clock is 14 hours and 10 minutes.
I wonder what time you have when you started writing me a letter?

I seek honest stable relationships over the internet.
Since here where I live, I can’t build a family.
I have decided to try your luck and write to your email and ask you personally.
Where do you live? What is your town called?
I live in Russia.
I live in the city of Zhigulyovsk.
City of Zhigulyovsk located on the Volga river in Russia

I see that your name Reiner.
Is this your nickname or is this your name?
What is your real name?
If I do not write right your name, correct me.

My full name is Nataliya.
I am 33 years old. How old are you?
I understand English and can therefore understand everything you write to me.
what is your profession?
I work as a Russian language teacher.
I worked as a teacher at a school, but left because my salary was too low.
Teachers receive very little salaries where I live.
And after I voluntarily quit. I choose my own job.
Now I teach Russian at home. The children’s parents find me through an advertisement in the newspaper.
My work is great fun.

I have photos for you and all photos are different
after seeing my photos
you can imagine me and my life
First selfie photo so you can see my whole face
The second photo was taken in full height so that you could see all my 165 centimeters in height.
And the third photo shows how I dress at home when I pick up a rag and wash the floors,
I wear short shorts and a tank top. This makes it easier for me to clean the house.
And I also have a video clip with me for you,
which I did this morning when I went to the kitchen to make myself coffee and fry an egg.
I am shooting a short video clip for you so that you can see and present me alive.

my email refuses to send the video as an attachment.
Because of this, I had to add my video
to a dedicated website for video sharing.
And when you open the link you can download my 1 video file.
since my email refuses to send links in the letter,
then I put 2 spaces, if you want just remove them,
or copy it and open it in a browser.
You can see me here: http: // file.sampo.ru/ww83k7/

Video Titled: Every morning, I put on a robe and go to the kitchen to eat yogurt and drink coffee,
I want you to see that I am a live and real woman
and for that I will send you a live video of me
Maximize your sound to hear all of the sounds in the video.

I want to ask you to send me some full-length photos of you and how you dress at home.
And if it is not difficult for you, please send me a short video clip with you as well.

For the first letter, I think that’s enough.
I look forward to your reply
I’ll leave you a kiss.
I wish you a wonderful day.
Kisses and hugs you, your friend Nataliya from Zhigulyovsk