001 Mail vom 26.10.2021 - 14.33 Uhr

Hello My dear friend and good Tuesday day.
Today is 26. October when I write this letter to you

My name is Nataliya.
Reiner - This is your personal nickname
I would like to begin my letter by greeting you by name
What’s your name?

What happened? Why do not you answer me?
I don’t see your letter. Where are they?
You don’t want to communicate with me?
Or do you have too little time for me?
I hope i’m not too ugly for you

yesterday on Monday 25. October I sent you a live video of me
Where your eyes could see that I am a living and real woman
But you didn’t answer me? Did that mean you didn’t see my live video for me?
And then today on Tuesday - I’ll ask you.
Did you receive my letter in which you saw a video of me?

I don’t have a smile this morning
This is because when I open my mailbox I don’t see what you would write to me.
I don’t have a smile in the photo and it’s because of you
why because of you ??
Because you are missing!
And because you no longer answer me.
I am a real and living woman.
And I don’t understand why you reject me ???
Your Nataliya